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Essence of Australia Dresses - Be Careful!!

We bought an Essense of Australia Dress for $1400 at a Bridal Shop, waited 6 months for the dress to arrive and upon arrival the cut of the dress across the top was off by about 1 1/2 inchs..  Had to pay $300++ to have the dress corrected!!  Essense of Australia told me I was not their customer adn they could not do anything about their terrible craftsmanship.  So I'd be careful when ordering an Essence of Australia Dress unless you have time to wait for another one to come in!

Re: Essence of Australia Dresses - Be Careful!!

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    I was pretty much told tough money returned, nothing - signed sealed and delivered without any cares.  They were rude on the phone, apparently uncaring that their product was terrible.  They had their money and that was all they cared about.
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    My dress was an EoA dress as well and absolutely nothing was wrong with it, in fact it was perfect and needed hardly any alterations except for a hem, bustle and to move the shoulder strap.

    Why didn't you take up your issue with the bridal store you bought the dress from?  They should have been the one to contact EoA not you, because EoA was correct that you weren't their customer, the bridal store was so the bridal store should have fought this battle not you.

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    Sorry this happened to you, but why didnt the salon you bought the dress from act as a go between and take care of this problem?
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    My dress is from EoA too, and fit me perfectly.  I agree with the PP, you should have your salon contact EoA.  I love my dress!
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    Ditto PPs - you had a salon problem, not an EofA problem.  The salon should have fought this battle for you.
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    :( Sad. Definitely talk to your bridal salon. They should have noticed it when the dress came in - I imagine they would have to sign for approval or something, right? Even if not, they should certainly fight for you!

    I have an EoA dress as well, but luckily was able to purchase it off the rack.
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    complain to the shop, it is not EoA problem, it is the shop fault if they order the wrong dress or a different dress. you should not pay for the alteration since you did not receive the dress that you order previously
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