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Q about: Divine Linens

Anyone use them?  I've tried twice to contact them (their website and phone) and they've yet to contact me back.  Is it worth even trying to get through?

My venue HIGHLY recommends them...  but if I can't get through?!?

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Re: Q about: Divine Linens

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    They got back to me in about 4-5 days.  I think they're a little pricey.  So I'm just going to order mine if we end up using linens off of

    So much cheaper.
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    I used them. Their customer service is def lacking but I LOVED their colors and options. They were also the only company who would travel to my venue. They did an amazing job the day off which is really all that mattered to me in the end.
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    Even though your venue highly recommends them I would still look into other linen rental companies.  Locally there's Perfect Parties (we're using them) and also Exeter Rental.  You should go with whoever you feel comfortable with communication wise.

    Also, like DirtyWater said there are websites where buying the linens is actually cheaper than renting them.  Just make sure you either have help setting up or don't have anything too intricate (like 200+ chair covers with sashes ;)

    That being said I do have the pricing that I received from Divine Linens last month.  Let me know if you want me to PM you with them.
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    We used them and I must agree with a PP that it takes a while for them to get back to you.  I found their prices decent.  I got pretty much the same quote from Perfect Parties in Nashua...they are much quicker to response btw. 
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    Look into simply elegant linens out of haverhill. She is very responsive and she was cheaper than divine linens (i got their price info from a wedding expo, I couldn't get through either when I called!)
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    DL was the cheapest of the places I called because of location.  My reception was in Manchester, so the prices increased the further out I went (even Perfect Parties in Nashua was pricier than DL). 

    I had bad luck when leaving messages with DL.  I usually kept being a pest and called a lot.  I wanted to speak with someone, so I was persistent in doing so.  They did a great job of setting everything up and everything looked great.  I wanted table runners, but didn't want to spend the money on them, so I was shown alternatives that would save me money.  They really work with you to get your desired look.

    I would be weary of ordering my own linens because I know that you have to set them up/take them down on your own and having them ironed/pressed.  I didn't want to deal with that on my wedding day, personally.  My venue had enough to set up and deal with without worry about the linens I purchased on my own.
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    Thanks so much, ladies!
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    I had a really hard time getting in touch with anyone at Divine Linens, and then when I finally had an appointment set, no one was there when we got there.  I was very frustrated with them.  I went through Perfect Parties and they have been great to work with!
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    I would NOT RECOMMEND Divine Linens. I just had an awful experience with them. I have all of the same issues you guys do, but 3 months after my wedding, they tried to invoice me for a 9 inch hole in my sweetheart table. The owner had the audacity to tell me I was oblivious to a small fire at my wedding. He literally yelled at me on the phone. When I asked why no one contacted me about the alleged damaged table cloth, he said "when does it matter when we tell you". That's the the end of it either but the worst of it! 

    I'm just sooo confused by their business practice. 

    I would never recommend them and I even would go above and beyond to warn other brides! They only want your money (granted they are cheap) but they have awful customer service! 
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