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Ordering Bridal Gown Online

I have been looking at various shops for my dress.  I have found 3 dresses that I've actually thought about purchasing.  I've held off because I've seen the prices online are at least 20-30% cheaper.  Has anyone purchase their gown online?  If so, was it worth it?

Re: Ordering Bridal Gown Online

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    hi, i read ur post hopin to find answers cos i have d same issue! my dress is cheaper online but i wanna know anyone who has ordered online too!. . 
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    A lot of brides here order gowns from netbride, Pearl's Place, Jay's Bridal, and RK Bridal. These sellers are authorized retailers, and save you money by not spending on overhead like your traditional bridal shop has to. Plenty of brides here can vouch for these sites.

    Other sites are questionable. Some are unauthorized retailers. Some are authorized retailers who aren't making much profit on their cheap gowns, and go out of business quickly. Some are selling knockoff gowns. It can be difficult to tell what you're going to get from these sellers, if you get anything at all. If you have a specific website where you'd like to order, ask, and we'll let you know what we've heard of it.

    Another other option for saving money: buying new from a bride who has changed her plans, or gently used from a married gal. Some great places to do this are,,, and our wedding classifieds board.
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    I can't vouch for every online dress shop, but I ordered my dress from and not only was it inexpensive but they made it to my size... well my size when I ordered it, I'm somewhat thinner now because I've been eating healthier and need my dress taken in a couple of inches. (You have no idea how much I enjoy saying that)

    If you're a little concerned about the place that you're purchasing from just try to find out more about them before sending your money in. I also got my veil online from an ebay store (veils_outlet) and it is exactly what I wanted for a third the cost of what my preferred veil was at David's Bridal.
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    I purchased my Casablanca gown through Jay's Bridal.  
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