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House of Brides BEWARE!!!

Do not order from them!!!!

Two of my bridesmaids ordered a Dessy and After Six dress online a month and a half ago, paid in full and got an email confirmation. My third bridesmaid went online to order and saw a review on Yelp about HOB no longer working with the Dessy group. We called to check on our order and they had no idea about anything, said they would look into it and call me back. They never called back, instead they sent this email...

"Per your request, You ordered a Dessy bridesmaid dress. We no longer do business with the Dessy Group, consequently your order has not been placed. We forwarded your order to our accounting department and refund will be processed in order of submission. Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. Sincerely, Customer Service House of Brides".

 This email was in response to only one of the dresses. I called again to check on the After Six dress and the rep told me "Oh, we still work with After Six, this one is fine". So I told her to please double check. She put me on hold and came back apologizing that yes, After Six is part of the Dessy group so this dress was never ordered either!! What I don't understand is how no one would have contacted us??? Thank God we came across a review on Yelp otherwise we would have kept waiting for the dresses to show up in the mail.

Now they are saying the refund is going to take up to 30 days. Are you kidding me??? They have already been sitting on our money for over 30 days for a dress that was never ordered!!!! So now my girls have to come up for money for a new dress (Plus pay extra rush shipping) while they wait for their refunds.

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Re: House of Brides BEWARE!!!

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    My BM dresses are going to be After Six too. But I looked on the BBB website and settled on:
    Best Bridal, Victoria's Bridal Couture, and Perfect Bridesmaids Dresses. They all had high marks.


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