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Maggie Sottero Dress - Shipping Time

I ordered a petite sized Maggie Sottero gown back in early December. 

I'm approaching the 28 week mark and am being told by my retailer that I should anticipate it arrving late June/early July.  Originally, the gown was to slated arrive in April.  

I'm getting worried this is cutting it close for my Sept. 2 wedding, since I understand this dress requires detailed tailoring and adjustments once it arrives to ensure a proper fit.  I also get the impression that my retailer is not communicating with MS, just telling me "it will be here next month" every time I call. I'm not confident in them and starting to stress over this. 

Has anyone else purchased a MS gown recently? What was your delivery timeframe?  Does anyone have suggestions to "spark" the retailer into being more proactive? 

Thanks in advance, 

Re: Maggie Sottero Dress - Shipping Time

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    Did you order through an actual store or did you order online to get it cheaper?
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    I work at a bridal store and we sell Maggies and generally we tell brides to purchase their dress 7-9 months in advance to allow for alterations/corrections. July is probably when it will come in, since that is the 7 month mark. Generally its difficult to get a direct date from Maggie--the dress is in limbo while it is being manufactured. But once it has been shipped or is in transit your retailer would be able to call Maggie and get that info. If you ordered online, however, you might be SOL (as most retailers that sell Maggie dresses online aren't legit).
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    I ordered through a retailer and my Maggie dress took 6 months to come in. 
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    I was told that my MS dress would take about 7 months to come in, but it came in around 3. They told me the shop shuts down for about a month for Chinese New Year, so that may slow down production, depending on when you ordered it. 
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    i ordered mine on 2 december and it arrived 16/4 i think it also depends about how many details you have. mine is pauline from MS & midgley but in an other store i had the billie on from MS & midgley and because of all the details (and the fact that the cristals beiing set in china and in feb they are closed) i would have reseved the dress in june-july
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    I ordered my MS Maude (also petite) on Feb 12, and am told it should be here the beginning of July, but haven't followed up with the shop.  I'm cutting it a little close as my wedding is August 25th, but hopefully will only need a bustle and hem!
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    I ordered my Maggie Sottero in February and it won't be in until August (November wedding) - I thought this was a long time but they do make it to order AND have the shut down in the summer.  Sigh.  I hope mine isn't delayed. 
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    I ordered mine last July and wasn't suppose to get it until March if I recall correctly but I got a phone call in December that it was ready to be picked up.

    I was told when I picked up my dress: 1.) They shut down for Chinese New Year for about a month so it really delays production 2.) The earthquake in Japan and tsunami that resulted in that region really screwed up their production.  Apparently it decimated an entire factory or something.  But they should be back up and running I would imagine but just still behind maybe?

    You'll get your dress though!  Don't stress too much!  And I thought my dress was going to take forever to have fitted as I had lots of bead work and ruching and stuff but if I wanted to I could pick it up now and the fittings started the last week in April. Don't stress until it gets to be the end of July and you still don't have it.
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