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Too Soon To Book?!

I'm getting married on September 29, 2012.

Initially, I was just concerned about booking the venue and church now and then figured I'd worry about other vendors when I have more time over the summer. But looking at posts and stuff, it seems I definitely have to book a photographer asap.

What about a florist? I don't have any idea about my colors yet, but I've seen people saying they're already booked for 2012. I'm looking into Lyndsey Loring, Cymbidium Floral, and the Flower Kiosk but haven't contacted them. Is that something I should do now even if I don't have a definite idea about what I want?

Any advice about the timeline for booking vendors would be much appreciated. Thanks!!

Re: Too Soon To Book?!

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    I think you could safely wait on most of your other vendors like the florist, etc. until you are about 9 months away from your date.  The exception to this may be your photographer, depending upon how picky you are. 

    There are several out different price points.  If you want one ot the 'top' photographers that will be in high demand--then book them early.  (Plan to pay $2500+ if you are looking for the high-end).  If you're looking for someone at a less expensive price range--then wait and shop around.

    The same goes for DJ's and videographers...unless you have a specific one in mind--you could wait and shop around, get recommendations, etc.

    I recommend that you get several quotes and be sure to choose vendors who have been in business for a while and that have references--and check them.

    We just booked our florist last month for a Sept '11 wedding (6 months in advance), with no problem. 

    If you are planning on using a limousine service or guest shuttle transportation, I recommend you book this at least 9-months out, because we found that some of the vendors had already booked our dates when I called 7 months in advance.

    I recommend ording your dress at least 9 months in advance and your BM dresses at least 5 months in advance, because these take a while to come in and you want to allow time for alterations.  Also, the order time for a custom veil was 4 months.  Hope this helps---best of luck with your planning!  Enjoy!
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    Thank you so much for your response. I appreciate all the details. Thanks for reassuring me that I don't have to go crazy worrying about that right now. :)
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