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Men - waistcoats only?

We are thinking of having all the men in the bridal party jjust wearing a shirt with waistcoat and cravat, no jacket. We're getting married April 2011 in Vegas and as we are from the UK it will be quite warm for us! My other half doesn't want to be too hot and also we have to consider how we are going to travel with our outfits. If he has a full on suit with jacket it means we will prob have to get it steamed etc when we arrive and it's all extra fuss that we don't really want.
Does anyone have any pics that could help us with this decision? I have googled but can't seem to find many pics of bride and groom/bridal party with men just in waistcoats.

Re: Men - waistcoats only?

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    If you like the way it looks, go for it!  It is Vegas, anything goes.  Traditions are kind of left to your interpretation.  I think it could look nice, so if you guys like it, go for it!!!
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    I think I would forgo the waistcoats (vests) and go with a shirt and tie.  Although the hotel should be able to steam the jackets for you and all the buildings will have a/c unlike the UK.  I'm an American living in London btw so I understand from both sides what you are saying.  

    Are you thinking of a morning suit?
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    Thanks. He wears a shirt and tie to work and likes the idea of wearing a waistcoast so it is a bit different to everyday. We are actually getting married outside and while our recpetion will be indoors we will be spending a fair few hours outside. Really like the idea of no jackets, but worried it may look a bit 'unfinished' as there will be 6 men. I do like the morning suit but think the long tails will be too formal.
    Choosing my dress was so much easier than this! ;)
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    At my old job, I used to wear a three-piece suit, and in the summer, even without wearing the jacket, it was the vest and tie that would kill you.  You could hear the cries of relief from all around the park once it got hot enough that conductors were allowed to remove their tie and unbutton their vest, which made a WORLD of difference.

    Though Vegas is heavily air-conditioned, so if you're going to be mostly indoors, it shouldn't make too much of a difference.  We got married in April, and the men were in tuxes.  The weather was nice and mild while we were out on our photo tour, no complaints.  We were only outside for about two hours of the day.
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    sounds very cool, I've seen this before and it's a very neat look
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    I think it depends on how dressy your wedding gown is and your BMs dresses. If you are wearing the typical fancy wedding gown, the guys should dress up. I don't think it would be a hardship to have his suit pressed upon arrival. That is not a valid excuse for not dressing up for one's wedding.
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