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Advice to get wrinkles out of organza

My dress has a few wrinkles and creases in it, mainly in the back where I have had to store it with the train pulled up and looped onto the hanger.

It is silk organza, and after googling about this for a while, I'm finding very conflicting advice on how to get the wrinkles out. Some say to steam it, while others say never use any kind of method that involves water (including the "hanging it in a bathroom with the shower on high" method).

Anyone know what the best method is to release the wrinkles? I am going to take it to a professional to do it, but I just want to do my research beforehand so I know based on what they suggest if I should trust them with my dress or not (I've heard some horror stories).
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Re: Advice to get wrinkles out of organza

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