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Wholesale Dresses - HELP!

I'm found a Lazaro dress that is fabulous, but there is no way I can afford, nor would I pay that much for a dress.  I'm looking into purchasing it wholesale, but most sites are from China.  Does anyone know if these are legit?  Is it cheaper fabric or poorly made?  Does anyone have a good wholesaler they could recommend?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

Re: Wholesale Dresses - HELP!

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    The Chinese sites usually sell knockoffs, made of low quality materials, with unskilled labor. I would not buy from them.

    The wholesalers I know of who sell authentic dresses are netbride, Pearl's Place, RK Bridal, and Jay's Bridal. I have no idea if they carry Lazaro, but it's worth looking in to.

    You might also consider a sample or preowned (either new or gently used) gown. Sites for this are,,, and
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    I agree with OpalSky007, it's not worth getting something that is made of cheap quality, bound to tear apart on your wedding day!  You do get what you pay for!

    Some other suggestions would be going to the department stores if you are able to, David's Bridal, or depending on where you are located, look at google maps, maybe DC area, look for bridal stores, or something that comes in handy for looking at dresses, shoes, and accessories - :)

    Hope that helps

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