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Too much black?

Going with the FI to check out tux's tonight. I have no fashion sense so I thought I'd check on here to make sure my game plan isn't a bad or ugly idea. My original idea was to have the groomsmen wear all black tuxes. That is, black suit, black tie, black shirt, black shoes. Is that too much black? The girls are wearing black satin dresses. My dress is ivory, so the FI was probably going to wear all black except an ivory tie. The flowers are going to be fall colors (oranges, reds, and yellows with some brown twig things and green grass swirled in them). So there will be color. The boutonnieres are a mini version of the flowers as far as colors go. Anyways, will the black tux's be too much black? Or am I on the right track here? Sounds like a lot of black, but for whatever reason no specific color of tie or vest appeals to me other than black
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