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I have $300 for everything

But that won't get me my dream dress, so let's get creative! Okay, maybe it will get my dream dress, but after alterations, I'm not so sure. This is also the budget for the dress, shoes, his tie, and any jewelry. How do I do this on a budget?

I have been "around the block" on wedding planning, so I know all the suggestions of JCrew. Limited, DB, departments stores, bridesmaids, etc etc. But I'm still at a loss, none of those are working out for me yet.
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Re: I have $300 for everything

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    What about looking for white or ivory evening gowns at department stores or at stores that sell prom dresses?  Sometimes those can be less expensive, since they're not "wedding" dresses.  Also, look for something that fits you well off the rack, to minimize the cost on alterations.
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    I was able to find the perfect dress for $99 at the bridal store I went to. They had a discontinued rack and that's where I started. As my something borrowed item I decided to borrow my cousins veil...these things cost so much but are only worn for one day.  Good Luck!!
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    I found my gown for $99 at a sample sale, although it did need $150 in alterations because of a major hem job and missing panel in the back.  So ditto that you can get good deals that way if your alterations will be minimal.  Also ditto on borrowing where you can or using items you already have for shoes, jewelry, veil, and other accessories.
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    Check out bridesmaid dresses that are available in white/ivory.
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    Definitely check consignment stores out, and if you find something that fits great off the rack then you can save $$ on alterations.

    Borrow jewelery from friends and family, then you cover your "something borrowed"!

    And I also got my veil from valuveil for $20, including shipping for a chapel length veil, and I love it.  I love it more than the $200 veil I tried at DB.
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    I want to echo PPs on the veil. DON'T buy one at a bridal shop, they are so overpriced! I've heard good things about as PPs have said. Also check out Etsy, there may be something on there. If you want to take on a little project you could also just make one. They seem pretty easy to make, so this is the route I'm thinking of going. Just grab some toule, a comb and some thread (ok, it's slightly more complicated than that, but not by much).

    Jewelry could be borrowed or you could wear something you already have. Or like the veil, you could check out Etsy. Some stuff can get expensive there, but not everything!
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    Avoid anything specifically labeled "wedding" as it almost always instantly exponentially increases the pricetag.  I've found pleanty of wedding-appropriate costume jewelry in department stores that I would have considered if I didn't already have a specific vision for what I want my jewelry to look like.

    Thrift stores & consignment shops are pretty awesome for everything.   Most of the dresses I've found have been a bit old fashioned for my tastes, but I've spotted pleanty of great wedding-appropriate accessories for both men and women for a steal.

    See what you can repurpose or borrow.  Shoes, for example.  Do you have any shoes that would be wedding appropriate?  What about shoes than you no longer wear that could be dolled up with rhinestones, flowers, etc.  Jewelry seems to be a popular "something borrowed" from either side of the family.  

    If you're crafty, consider DIY what you can.  Depending on what you're looking for, many simpler veil styles require little to no sewing skills and only the ability to cut in a straight line.  Fabric stores have coupons and sales all of the time.
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    Try craigslist!
    • Consignment shops for wedding gowns. Be careful if you buy a dress that is dirty, dry cleaning can run you $100.
    • Borrow shoes, jewelry, veil, anything you can find.
    • Get your garter for cheap at Michaels with a coupon or online.
    I found my wedding jewelry at a department store on the discount counter. 75% off. It cost me less than $40 for earrings and a bracelet.

    Shoes $40 at zappos. But you can find cheaper white wedding shoes at when they go on sale. As low as $15. Get on their mailing list pronto.

    Go to your Local Wedding board to find recommendations for local seamstresses that fit your budget. If you find a dress without too many details and maybe a corset back, you should be able to get by with a simple hemming (if you are short) and a bustle.
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