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Me and My Fiance have decided on a black and white wedding. But i'd like to add a little more to it.

he says NO PINK. which is fine, we're getting married in january and its not really the best month for pink. 

but i still want something to wow the guest. his ex best friend's wife used Zebra print accessories, which for me didn't really go with the black and red. To me, it would have looked better with just black and white. but now that she's done it, it would seem kind of funny for me to use it, right? (note: i love zebra print, and have for a long time. my entire room is zebra print.)

does anyone out there have any ideas for that extra "wow"?

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    Do you have a favorite color?  I love black, white and red.  So the bridesmaids could wear black dresses with a red boquet for an extra pop of color.  But since you're having a January wedding what about silver?  I have seen gorgeous pictures of weddings with white and silver that are amazing!  Hope this helps!
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    Tiffany blue looks great with black and white. Or a really soft blue would add a wonderful wintery look.

    If you like the zebra print use it, it's your wedding. I would just try to incorporate it in your own way.

    Check out these links. They might give you some different ideas:
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    Too bad your DH turned down the pink lol.  We had a January wedding with black and pink as our colors, and I thought it looked pretty good :).

    I guess I'm a little more traditional in this respect because I think zebra print sounds odd for a wedding (JMO).  It seems like one of those ideas where you'd look back at your pictures in 20 years and say, "What the heck was I thinking?" lol.  I prefer prints and patterns that are more classic like damask.

    As the pp said, silver would add a nice touch or champagne.  You could also use a dark plum color or a light slate blue (I've seen some really pretty bridesmaid dresses in this color).

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    i really like the crystal idea. thank you so much!
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