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Does anyone know if it is a common practice to 'talk down' the price of a wedding gown at different shops?

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    Couldn't hurt to try

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    [QUOTE]I don't know how common it is, but it doesn't hurt to ask, very politely. It's okay to say, "I really love this gown, and I want to buy it from you guys since you've been so helpful. But I'm on a tight budget. Is there any way you could come down on the price?" Do not expect huge discounts, as the shops have tons of overhead costs, so they need to be able to cover the costs for the gown and for rent, utilities, salaries, and so on.
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    This reminds me of Say Yes to the Dress. :) But Kleinfeld probably has WAY more markup than most stores, so it doesn't really hurt them to take off some cost. But it works on the show-- why not?
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    You've got nothing to lose, your best bet might be to see if they will put together a "package" for you with veil, shoes, undergarments, etc. if you buy everything from them.
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