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Recommend your longline bra

I am having a hard time finding a quality but affordable longline bra to wear with my dress.

I tried it on with the ones they have at DB, but it kind of rolled underneathe my chest and made a lump under my dress. My dress is very sleek and smooth so there isn't any way to hide something like that. The girl at DB said it was because the ones they had were tried on over and over again and were "worn out;" I asked if I could try on a new one to make sure and she said that wasn't allowed. :( I'm nervous to buy one if this could happen even with a brand new one.

And yes, I still do want one! Except for the one roll right under the chest, I really liked the shape and feel of wearing one with my particular dress.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Recommend your longline bra

  • I have the same problem with a brand new one. I tried on a long line QT brand at the bridal shop, and I have a brand new Merry Modes and both gave me the same problem. I have concluded that my chest is too heavy without strap support hodling the bra back against my chest.  We tried the lcear straps at the bridal shop and that helped a lot. Although I can say my dress hold me back a lot and with a right size dress on (mine has a corset back) the consultant said that shouldn't be a problem.  I wear a 40D.
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  • hmmm what about in lu of a long line on of those low back ones from victorias secret? the multi way bras that wrap around the waist? or a support garment underwire strapless body suite? J.c penny's has those and they are amazing. my concern is that in a fitted dress even the most slim line long line bra will make that little ridge. anohter idea is I got an amazing strapless at jc penny's it's the ambrielle brand,and though it's a regular strapless I may wear it with shapewear that comes up to the bra line. Jc penny had a couple long lines too, and they were nice just didn't work as well with my dress.
  • If you get a long line bra make sure it has some sort of boning or support in it.  The ones from DB are like a foam material and if you get hot it will stretch out and then you'll have the problem of it sliding down and creating that bump.  
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  • I got mine from JCPenny online but I did get measured at the store to make sure it would fit.

    This is the one I got:|51093&Fltr=&Srt=&QL=F&IND=9&cmVirtualCat=&CmCatId=50475|51093|51852

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  • I got the Dominique Long Line Torsolette,search,.htm

    I really like it.  It does the job, which is a first for me with any strapless bra and boning keeps it from bumping anywhere.  It also looks good, which is a nice bonus. It's not perfectly smooth though, because of the boning and lace, so it may not work for you.  But at that site, Bare Necessities, you can return it within 60 days, no questions asked. HTH.
  • Victoria's Secret only has a few longlines, but they are all seamless.  I ended up going to all the department stores in my area since each only had 2-3 long line bras and I wanted something light weight under a thicker, corset dress.  I saw a bunch of shapewear and seamless ones which would probably work for your dress.  Even Sears had a few that were pretty inexpensive.
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