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Hello ladies, I need answers. I purchased my wedding dress about a month ago, I loved, loved, loved the dress and I even cried (that only happens on t.v. haha) but now Im second guessing myself. Was I just overwelmed that day and not thinking clear or is it normal to second guess?
Please let me know if this is normal.



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    Yes it is normal to second guess such an important purchase.  Whenever I spend a good deal of money on something I always second guess it.  Surprisingly I never second guessed my dress choice but I definitely second guessed a lot of other decisions I made during the wedding planning process.

    If you are really concerned you can always go back to the store and try it on again.  During the time of purhcase you were uber excited and happy but you are now just coming back down from the clouds and to reality.  I am sure you still love your dress and don't want to change it, just the excitment of the experience is wearing off which is probably what is making you concerned.

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    If you scroll back for the past month, you are likely to find dozens of posts about people having dress regret or second thoughts. 

    It's not uncommon.  I made myself nuts for 5 months having dress regret. I went back and and shopped more, even bought a second dress.  Ultimately though, I ended up wearing my original dress, and I'm really glad I did.  I bought it for a reason.... I just couldn't remember what the reason was when I wasn't in it.
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    It would be abnormal to not over think your dress choice. I think almost everyone on here has dress regrets. Including me :-/
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    Agree with PPs. Totally normal. I tried on probably about 10 dresses, but I loved the second one I tried on. I bought it and had to wait 5 months before it came in. At least once a week, I worried that I just picked the best dress out of the 10 and that it wouldn't be right. Once it came in, I put it on again and remembered why I loved it.

    What helped me was looking at pictures of the dress that we took that day and of me wearing the dress.


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    Absolutely!!! I LOVED my dress, still do but I occasionally do secretly second dress shop.  I'll nit buy another one but it doesn't hurt to look.Laughing
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    Thanks Ladies, I thought I may have made a mistake if I was second guessing myself. I keep looking at the picture that was taken of me in the dress, but I totally forgot to take one from the back. I think thats whats bothering me the most, I just need to know. Maggie0829, I think your right, I need to go back and try the dress on again!!
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    i agree with fernella...doesnt hurt to look,  i do it as well... and its normal to like more than one dress but u will know deep down when u wear it , that it's the right one!
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