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One Shoulder Dress

What does a one shoulder wedding gown say to you? I was considering one, but I think it looks very 'young'. What's your opinion on this style?

I am considering a strapless gown, but my chest is small and I'm not sure if it will look flattering.

Re: One Shoulder Dress

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    CMG - The one shoulder thing definitely does look great on her!

    I think it depends on the dress itself. If its a one shoulder with detail on the shoulder, then crazy detail everywhere else, I think it looks young. Like this dress:

    My sister tried on a one-shoulder dress that was stunning. There was some detail on the shoulder, but everything else was very understated. It looks more elegant than other dresses she was trying on. This is the one she tried on:
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    Regardless of whether a style might seem more youthful or mature, accessories can make a difference to take an outfit in one direction or another, and you should wear what you want and feel great in!  There are plenty of elegant styles with one shoulder that I think would still look fine on a woman in her 40's or 50's who has kept in shape and has toned shoulders.
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    I have a one-shoulder dress and will be wearing it in 20 days. I LOVE the one-shoulder look: I love the asymetry, and also the security of the strap.
    This is my gown:
    The one that I almost got is the same that KlassywithaK posted.
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    Klassy- I am actually wearing the La Sposa that your sister tried on in my wedding!  It really is a beautiful, classy dress.  So simple, except for the detail on the strap, and the long train is just beautiful.  As with any dress, the detail, quality, and overall style will dictate whether it is "young" or not.  As a whole, I don't think one-shouldered dresses are "young."
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    I wore a one shoulder gown and never once considered it "young" or "youthful" in style. 

    Like CMGr said, one shoulders are great for women with prominent shoulders.  I too am on the smaller chest side but have broad shoulders.  Strapless dresses work well on me but once I tried on the one shoulder I was hooked.  It still gave me the feel of a strapless but helped to tone the broadness of my shoulders just a bit.

    Here is my dress...

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