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manitlla veil AND wedding belt/sash?!

 my dress is very simple with no embelishments and with buttons all down back. I am going to wear a mantilla veil. before that idea came to my head, I was planning on wearing a belt. Now I am worried that both will be too much, did anyone have a simple dress like this with a mantilla veil AND belt?! i need some examples! THX!! (this is not me by the way, but a similar dress I saw on say yes to the dress atlanta)

Re: manitlla veil AND wedding belt/sash?!

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    You look gorgeous! I think you can get away with both. 
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    zveezvee member
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    I wish this was me but it is not. I re edited post to let people know that. I saw this one on say yes to the dress and its very similar to my dress. :)

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    [QUOTE]You look gorgeous! I think you can get away with both. 
    Posted by christinamarie325[/QUOTE]
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    I love mantilla veils, I think being a simple dress it'll look pretty. Maybe you can find a sash with similar lace
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    Wear whatever you want to! You won't be wearing the veil at the reception anyway.

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    Maybe you can wear the veil alone for the ceremony, and when you take it out for the reception, you can add the sash?  That way the focus is not taken away from either, and you can still wear both :) 

    I'm wearing a mantilla veil as well, and I LOVE it!!
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    You can definitely do both. If the dress is plain like the one shown then it works well.
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