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I am in search of the perfect veil and hair accessory.  I google searched, but got inundated with a bunch of "mom-and-pop" type websites.  I don't know what is reputable and I want a high quality product.  I want an elbow-length veil with some sort of crystal / rhinstone accents.  I am thinking of having "Kim Kardashian" long, loose wavey hair, but want to wear some sort of crystal-like accessory.  I don't want a "princess tierra" or some sort of "daisy design."  I see so much of that and it is not my style.  What do you suggest?
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Re: Veils and Hair Accessories

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    Check out Etsy!  They have plenty of veils and headpieces for sale.
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    Yeah, is great and good quality
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    I also ditto Etsy.  Veils on Etsy are way cheaper than in bridal stores, plus you can see user feedback and ratings.  Plus, a lot of Etsy vendors are willing to do custom work, so it would be easier to get what you're looking for.
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