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Black BM dresses and grey suits for GM opinions?

What do you all think of black BM dresses and then grey suits on the groomsmen? The wedding colours are blue, plum and fuschia, and are brought in more as accent colours in the bridal party attire.

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Re: Black BM dresses and grey suits for GM opinions?

  • I am doing the same thing for my wedding. Guys in grey and girls in black with accenting colors as flowers, etc. 
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  • Sounds very nice! I agree with CMG, I like color - but if you wanted to add some, you could always have them wear bright colored shoes or jewelry.
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  • Thank you all for the input.  CMGr and Angie... I would also like a bit more colour, but my BMs are all very far away from one another (one on each coast and one overseas) so I'm thinking that black (which I still like) would be easier to pull off.  Plus, we're in Canada, so there are fewer online options. 

    Thanks again to everyone for your answers!
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  • I think black dresses accented with some really high quality silk millinary floral on the lapel or bodice or hip or as a hairpiece would be beautiful.  With full skirts on the black dresses, I'd have the MOH wear a plum or fushia petticoat and the rest wear pale blue or cobalt petticoats.  Shoes to follow suit. I'd pick out really vivid bright blue plus and fushia flowers and then I'd also have them carry blue fushia or plum colored satin clutches, instead of bouquets.  A sort of 1950s retro chic glam thing.  (I guess you can tell I really love this idea!)  Men with silk or satin matching ties and pocket squares (BM in plum or fushia GM with pale blue or cobalt blue.)  Maybe even have the men wear blue, plum, and fushia argyle socks, if that's not too goofy?
  • My sister chose black bridesmaids dresses for her wedding. It's nice because I'll be able to wear my dress again for other events. She accented with bright red/yellow/orange flower bouquets.
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