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Has anyone ever had a dress created?

I love this dress so much, but it is way out of budget. What I love about it is its shape and the unique style of the straps at the top. I'm wondering if I could get a strapless dress made out of similar fabric and cut, and purchase extra fabric to create the straps. What do you think? Has anyone ever done anything similar?

Looking forward to the responses!
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Re: Has anyone ever had a dress created?

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    Usually having a dress made is no cheaper once you buy the fabric and pay for the labor. Manufacturers get deals on fabric and pay less for labor than one would pay a talented seamstress. Besides, that dress is silk and the fabric is not going to come cheap. You're not going to find a synthetic that drapes like silk crepe-backed satin.
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    Why not buy a simple strapless dress and have the strap detail added by a seamstress? You'd be less likely to have fit and construction problems, and even if the seamstress totally botched the straps, you could still remove them and have a wearable dress.
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    I peeked at your bio and see you have over a year until your wedding. You don't mention whether you sew, or were going to seek a seamstress, friend, or family member to make this for you.

    I am making my ceremony dress. It all started when I found a picture of something I wanted. I then happened to be at Joann's when they had the exact silk I wanted on sale for $5 a yard (I bought the entire bolt of 8 yards). I then spent an hour or more at the table they have with pattern books and bought 3 patterns that, when combined, will give me a dress similar to the one I love, with changes I want to make. I have, however, sewn for over 30 years, so I know I have the skill to do this.

    That dress will be tough to duplicate for a couple of reasons: it appears to be cut on the bias, and sewing fabric cut on the bias is difficult because you have to make sure the seams are equal and don't bunch up. Secondly, the fabric is slippery and thin......... as a seasoned seamstress, I probably would not do something like that.

    Because you have so long, I'd recommend continuing your search. Is there anywhere you can go to try that dress on? Sometimes what looks great in a picture isn't flattering at all once it's put on. Don't get so set on something so soon in your search. Besides, wedding dresses very rarely have anything so "unique" about them that there aren't similar designs or styles at lower prices elsewhere.

    Good luck.

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    I know of a designer in Boston who creates fabulous dresses.  When you sit down with him and discuss your vision he sketches the dress and you help with details.  Then he makes it for you.  It is awesome but definitely not a cheap option.
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    I may have just found the expert advice I was looking for.  I am "interviewing" seamstresses to make my gown and was a bit overwhelmed at how much this is going to cost.  I have found one who has gotten rave reviews for alterations and her price was phenomenal, but I became nervous when she had issues with the trim, which I haven't yet bought.  The dress is velvet (I know a real pain to work on) with trim down the front, around a square neckline and around the bottom.  The seamstress in question wants solid beading because it's more "pliable."  The pattern instructions say to mitre the corners so my question is why would she have a problem with beaded lace, which would be lighter than the solid beading and also much less expensive.  She's also telling me it "wouldn't lie flat" on velvet, and that has me totally mystified.  Why would beading lie flat if lace wouldn't?  I have an appointment Saturday with candidate number four.  Any advice would be most appreciated.
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    You could try through here:

    I'm getting a version of a Sottero and Midgely dress made through there, but with an altered sleeves and back. Good luck!
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