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Madeleine's Daughter - A++!

I live in upstate NY, and will be getting married on the north shore of MA, but bought my dress at this Portsmouth boutique and they deserve a great post here.  If you are dress shopping, Madeleine's Daughter is well worth checking out.

I had no idea what to look for.  I am generally quite picky when it comes to clothes, and not one to make decisions quickly, but I ended up buying the very first dress I tried on there!  I made an appointment and walked in with a couple things I had cut out of magazines - there were little details I liked about certain dresses, but I never came across a whole dress that I was crazy about, so I assumed I was in for a lengthy process. 

Brandie was my consultant; I highly recommend her!.  She walked into the dressing room with 5 gowns, and they were all gorgeous.  I knew as soon as I tried the first one on, but tried the others just to be sure.

I recently went back to try on my actual dress that had come in and it was such a fun experience.  As my mother, bridesmaid, and I started to wonder aloud what I might do for a headpiece, Brandie carefully selected a couple of things from their display and I suddenly had a gorgeous feather/rhinestone hairpiece and satin-edged veil that were absolutely perfect.  Problem solved!

Overall it has been a great experience.  The staff are friendly, professional, and not at all pushy, 
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Re: Madeleine's Daughter - A++!

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    I bought my dress there too and it was amazing!  I LOVE my dress and the veil.  The service has been great so far.  I had my first fitting the other day and the seamstress was awesome!

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    I bought my dress & veil there as well and I loved it there!!! From the first time I went there to just try on dresses they were attentive and friendly. I have been back 3 times and going back soon because my dress is in! Love the atmosphere, love the dresses, love the consultants!!!
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  • Brandie was my consultant too!  I absolutely loved her and had such a great experience there.  A couple of days after my first appointment she called me to tell me that a dress had just come in that she thought I would realy like.  When I went back (after having gone to another bridal shop with a less than pleasant experience) the dress she had recommended was perfect!  Can't say enough great things :)
  • I had McKenzie and she was great! I love it there and I agree, they weren't at ALL pushy. I actually chose the cheaper dress (not cause it was cheaper..but cause I LOVE it) and she agreed that it was the best choice for me. Didn't even try to get me to retry the more expoensive one on or talk it up or anything. HIGHLY recommend!
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