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Tattoo on top of foot, tights?

I have a tattoo on top of my foot and my shoes are open on the top so it's visible. I was wanting to wear white fishnet tights but I can't decided if my tattoo will look good under the tights, or if it'll just look silly. Here's a picture of my tattoo (kinda blurry, sorry) if it helps with opinions:
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Re: Tattoo on top of foot, tights?

  • I'm not sure how it will look with white, but I have several leg tattoos and they look fine under black fishnets. 
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  • What an awesome tattoo!

    I don't think you should hide it, if that's what you're trying to do.  If you want to wear fishnets, then I think that would look awesome.  Opaque tights (or semi-opaque) should look fine, but only if you would wear tights without a tattoo.  I mean, I wouldn't suggest you wear tights to cover your tattoo, so only wear tights if you really want to and would do it anyway.
  • I'm not trying to cover the tattoo, I just really want to wear tights, hehe. Thanks for the help deciding girls!
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  • I have crazy leg scars after many surgeries.  I LOVE playing with tights or nylons.

    I swear by the Victoria's Secret lines.  They have some super-cute options that aren't too catchy on dry skin.  
  • Side note: LOVE that tattoo.  How long did it take?  It's gorgeous.
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