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loosing weight before buying the dress...

Hi everyone... I am new here... just got engaged last month!!!
Our wedding is not until 11/12/11 but since my mom was in town (she lives in another country) I wanted to go look at dresses.
There was a dress I loved from Demetrios but I could not try it on cause they only had a size 10 at the store.. I am plus size...
Then I went to Alfred Angelo and tried one that I had seen online that I really liked... but the one I really wanted to try they only had size 6. So went to another store...At the new Alfred Angelo store I tried "my favorites" but didn't like them on me and some of the sizes were small... but then I tried one that I really like... although my experience at the store was not the best...the lady was not very helpful...never really got to see it with a veil...etc I guess it prevented me to get in the mood... but they wanted to measure me an advice to order the dress now. I really plan on loosing some weight before buying the dress around March next year...but now I am afraid that that dress might get discontinued since its an older style and its not online nor the catalog.
Should I just wait until I loose weight and see what happens?
Sorry if its so long....

Re: loosing weight before buying the dress...

  • Honestly, you have so much time before your wedding that trends, designers, and even your personal style could change drastically!

    For now, if you want to look at gowns, get ideas from websites and magazines, so you'll get a general feel for what you love in a dress.

    Then, when the time comes to actually shop for your gown (no earlier than a year ahead of time is my advice), you'll not only have a better idea of precisely what you're looking for, but also have a clearer picture of the size you will be at your wedding. Best of luck in your planning!
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  • Never ever ever count on losing weight before your wedding. A dress can be taken really far in, but it generally can BARELY be let out, if at all. So, order your dress in the size you are (whether or not it's now or march), and it can be taken in if you do lose the weight.
    I am in the same boat. I'm plus size, and am dieting and exercising now, but who knows how long it will last... we'll see. Never 'guess' what size you'll be the day of though!

    Congrats on your engagement. :)
  • It doesn't sound like you've found anything you can't live without.  Chances are, if you keep looking you will find something you love.  You have so much time that I wouldn't do anything just yet.  You don't want to end up with two dresses or a dress that doesn't fit! 
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  • You have tons of time! The longest lead time I've heard of someone needing for a dress order is 9 months. Like others said, you don't sound terribly attached to your favorites, but if you find that you really want to order one of them, don't fret. Designers know that brides plan weddings over the course of a year or more, and don't discontinue dresses as soon as their next season comes out.

    In the meantime, keep looking for dresses, don't get discouraged, and maybe call some shops to see whether they have a good stock of plus-sized samples. When you are ready to buy, buy in a size that fits you now. If you do lose extra weight, most gowns can be taken in by about two sizes if they are not terribly elaborate.
  • I would definitely wait until probably March.  You can start losing weight now, and then you will have a better judge of when you go dress shopping again.  As a PP said you don't want to buy a dress in the size you plan to be at your wedding.  Buy it in the size you are, and have it taken in. 

    If you start losing weight now, you can likely lose a significant amount by February or March when you can start looking again.  Your body could be completely different and you might be able to try on dresses you never thought possible.  There is no rush to be buying one now by any means.  Especially since it doesn't sound like you are in love with any of the dresses you've picked so far. 
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  • Thanks everyones...  you are so right.. I'll just focus on loosing weight  for now!!!Wink
  • Yep. Doesn't sound like you've fallen in love with a dress. definitely wait to order anything. but get started on your weight loss plan now - no procrastinating [also, let me play mother for a minute and remind you to do it the healthy way and make it a life change - dont' starve yourself for wedding photos].

    In November, when you're a year out from wedding day, I would start looking again. Go try on lots of different dresses and then order the size that you are with plans to alter if you end up losing more weight.
  • Please only lose weight because you really want to and not just because of the dress. I went to David's Bridal and went through the same scenario and it pissed me off to no end.
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