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Sewn in Cups??

I had my first gown fitting yesterday and discovered that the bra I bought to wear was tighter than I had hoped. It's a long strapless bra that is low in the back to accomodate the low cut in the back of my dress. I know you can buy bra extenders but she mentioned that it would be no problem to sew in bra cups ( I'm a 34C). So I am wondering what you ladies did and what you suggest. Thanks in advance! 

Re: Sewn in Cups??

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    I think you might be a little too big for the sew-in cups, especially if you plan to dance.  I'm a 34D and my boobies laugh in the face of those useless things. 

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    I'm a 34 C and used sewn in cups.  My dress back was also corset though, so that probably helped keep everything in place.  They worked great, and were much more comfortable than a bra.
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    I had originally bought a corset style bra to wear for a dress. Then I changed my mind and bought a different dress. That dress had a lower back so I decided to go with sewn in cups. I'm also a 34C and the sewn in cups felt so much more comfortable! My dress was a zip up with a sweetheart.
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    I'm a 34C and had cups sewn into my zip-up dress.  Worked great.
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    I think it would work okay for you, but since I have been a DD since Jr. High, I really can't remember what a C feels like. My friend was between a B and a C depending on the bra and the sewn in cups worked for her.
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    As long as your seamstress knows what she's doing, you'll be fine with sewn in cups.
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    I'm a 36DD and am having cups sewn in also. My dress has a corset back and once it's on, you really don't need a bra. Everything is held in so tightly. The cups just helps to maintain shape. My seamstress said there is no problem putting in cups with my size. That will definitely be the one and ONLY dress I ever wear without a bra. Ha!
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    I'm a 34 D and I had sew in cups in my zip ud dress and they were prefect.  I'm glad I got them.  
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    I'm a 34 C/D and I decided to sew in bra cups because there was no bra that would work with the back of my dress, I feel supported just fine because the dress is pretty tight fitting.  I'm so glad I decided to do that, since every longline bra I tried poked out of the backside of the dress!

    Like rlavach says, this is definitely the only dress I'm wearing without a bra!
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    I'm a 34C and didn't have any cups sewn into my dress nor did I wear a bra...the bodice of my dress was very nicely built inside though so it wasn't necessary to have anything additional done to it.

    If you have a seamstress that knows what she is doing then bra cups and a great fit to the dress will work wonders to keep everything in place.

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    I'm so happy to read this thread.  I, too, am a 34 C/D.  And none too perky, thanks to breastfeeding and age.  My consultant assured me the sewn-in cups would be just fine for me, but I was skeptical.

    I figured that I would try them and if they don't give me the support and lift I need, I'll wear a bra instead.  

    Hoping the cups work as i'm getting married outside in August, so the fewer "layers" the better.
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    Thanks for all your input, I think I'm going to see about my seamstres putting in cups because it'll be so much more comfortable than the bra. Sewn in cups seems to be the way to go!!
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