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Brown dresses and black suits?? Opinions please!

My wedding colors are chocolate brown, maroon, and burnt orange (fall colors). It's going to be pretty casual. All the girls are wearing chocolate brown dresses. FI really wants to wear a black suit. We've decided on these for the groomsmen

I showed them to my mom and she said "so you're colors are really brown and black?". Do I have to have the guys wearing brown too or will brown dresses and black vest/tie combos be ok? I assumed black is kind of like white and it really wasn't considered a color, you just kind of "wear it". Please help! I'm fashionably challanged so I need to know if it will be ok or if I should ask FI to wear brown.  Thanks ladies!

Re: Brown dresses and black suits?? Opinions please!

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    For my brothers wedding the girls all wore chocolate brown dresses and the guys wore black tuxes with the chocolate brown vests. IMO, I thought it looked terrrible. I personally recommend avoiding the brown dresses and black suits if at all possible.
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    I'm having the same issue. I really don't want to change the BM dress color from dk brown, and I think a brown suit on my FI would look totally dumb. So I was thinking an ivory shirt (to match my dress) and an ivory tie with a subtle pattern? Then the boutonniere would pull it together. Any thoughts?
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    Scroll down some.  There have been several posts on this the past month
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    Just because the groom is wearing a black tux doesn't mean all of the groomsman need to. 

    The flowers/boutonniere will help you out some, and maybe the girls could use some sort of sash to break up the brown...making it less of "brown and black". 

    If it makes you feel any better my girls are wearing navy and the guys are wearing black...similar situation.

    Or what about something like this:
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    At my wedding in less than 2 months the girls are wearing chocolate brown dresses and the guys are wearing black tuxes with brown vests. We saw a picture of this somewhere and thought it looked fantastic! All the flowers will be bright pink (which is our second wedding color). I think that black is just like you said, a color that you can just wear with anything. It doesn't make black one of your wedding colors.

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    If black suits/tuxes didn't coordinate with everything, then they wouldn't have been in style for so long.

    The groomsmen won't be standing next to the bridesmaids all night. They don't need to perfectly match ... they need to COORDINATE. You are correct that black is a neutral color and can be worn with anything.

    Black and brown in the same outfit ... usually doesn't work:

    And I personally like chocolate vests with black tuxes, but some people don't:

    You can do silver vests and ties:

    Or a light brown/latte color:

    Or a champagne/light gold vest and tie:

    Or stick with classic black:

    Your FI is the one wearing it. If he wants to wear a black suit, then that is what he should wear.

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    black and brown dont go together. whenever I see someone wearing brown and black together I know right away they have no fashion sense.
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    My Colors are Chocolate Brown and Green.
    My FI said absolutely not to brown tuxes (me too after I saw them in person!)...So the girls are wearing chocolate brown and the guys are wearing black tuxes with green vest and tie. It looks nice together.

    I was going to do green dresses to match instead, but couldn't find matching greens. So this option was what we went with and actually love it - because its not sooooo matchy matchy. :) Hope this helps!
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    I actually when done right brown and black go together quite well.
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    Personally, I think brown suits would look terrible and so would black with brown vests or ties.
    Try the Dress Your Wedding tab on David's Bridal.  I think you need to register, but you can choose clothes and hair for these little cartoons and then see what they look like together.  We didn't buy any of our dresses there, but I found dresses and tuxes close enough to get an idea how everyone would look together.

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    Our groomsmen and hubby wore black suits and our colors were pink and brown so they wore brown ties!  Pic below.
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    how about navy suits?  navy and brown go together well enough.
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