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Any suggestions on accessories?

here's my dress.

Really plain, but I want to dazzle. What can I do? I love statement necklaces but was afraid it would clash with the design on the dress. So I thought a huge glistening brooch on my hip would be cool, and some chandelier earrings? The roses in the back is just  a pin and can be removed. I am open to any suggestions :)what do you think?

Re: Any suggestions on accessories?

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    Try different things and play around with it...especially if you already have an heirloom bracelet or something that you want to wear, you can work around a piece that you're sure you want to incorporate.  Ultimately you can even go with whatever suits your mood when the day comes :-)
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    I would do a chunky glistening crystal type necklace OR chandelier earrings and a few sparkly bangles. I love the dress to. So classic, but with a fun little twist :-)
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    Love your dress! It depends on what you want to add. I love chunky necklaces and I think ann taylor has some of the best.

    You could also get a fun sash with some sparkle to it to tie on and skip a necklace and just do earrings and a bracelet. Or you could just get small sparkly crystal necklace, earrings and bracelet and have sparkle all over. It's a hard decision!
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