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Wedding dress length

I went wedding dress shopping this weekend and I tried on floor length gowns and knee length gowns. 

I have a very strong aversion to floor length gowns from being forced to wear floor length dresses to school dances when I was younger.  I had a hard time walking around in the floor length gowns, but it could be because they needed to be hemmed a lot.  I also thought they made me look shorter than I actually am. 

The knee length dresses were much more comfortable for me.  And I think because as of right now, we're planning on a small outdoors wedding, it wouldn't be inappropriate. 

My friends thought I looked beautiful in most of the dresses I tried on, but didn't have an opinion on short or long.  Fiancee doesn't have an opinion either.

I've never seen or heard of anyone in a knee length wedding dress though, which is holding me back. 

Any thoughts on dress length?

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