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New Hampshire

Did you tip your DJ? How much?

Curious for past brides---did you give your DJ a separate tip?  If so, roughly how much?
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Re: Did you tip your DJ? How much?

  • Lilac++Lilac++ member
    edited December 2011
    We didn't because he pissed off my husband during our reception... plus we did a lot of the leg-work getting our special songs ready and he was not very helpful. He also owned his own business, so due to those reasons, we simply paid him the fee he requested at the beginning and did not tip.
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    I don't have to tip because it is already worked into the price.

    I asked a friend of mine and they tipped $100.  But, they also received money back because the guy was late and played terrible music.
  • Maine PlannerMaine Planner member
    edited December 2011

    Hmmm - I'd say if they charge a fee - it's a flat fee.  If he did some sort of amazing job and you felt like he really went above and beyond in delivering what he said he would then I'd think you could - but really...his fee for service is probably already compensating him for his time plenty…If you got some sort of a discount I’d say it’d be a bit more appropriate.  

  • dls.1215dls.1215 member
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    edited December 2011
    I think also the general rule is if he owns his own company then its included, however if he just works for a company you tip him.
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    We tipped $50 I think
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