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Sash me

This is my Casablanca gown.  I think it needs a sash, almost like the dress is incomplete.  Here is it on the model (not a great photo).

This is me in the gown with a sash (not getting that sash).  I am not fond of one flower; it looks kind of lonely.

This is the sash that I'm looking at for only $50 total.  Would this detailed sash be too busy for an all lace gown?  The sash alone looks so romantic and pretty.  I love the organza too.

So if this sash is too busy, can you post a photo of a sash that would work with my dress?  I tried on a satin sash with crystal embellishment and I wasn't too crazy about it.  I do have a fondness for some flowers.

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    Your dress is very similar to mine and I felt the same way.  I ordered the 2051 with the neckline and sash from the 2053.  The first pic is the 2051 and the second is the 2053.  I love the sash, but not sure if it would be too busy or not.  Are you going to just tie it on or have it sewn onto the dress?  I opted to have it added to the dress because I liked the way it followed the line in the back.

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    I would just tie it on becuase I like the bow the Etsy person tied it into and I like the ends to be loose.

    So hard to tell without looking at it in person!  The problem is that all sashes that I can test in person are like $100.
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    I don't think it's too busy.  The lace is 3D, but it doesn't stick out like the flower on the other one.  It goes with it because of the lace on the dress.  What's the Etsy seller's return policy?  From what I can tell, it will match color wise and lace wise, but it is hard to know for sure without seeing the two of them together.
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    If it was me, I would go for some sparkle or something subtle to add to it. I ordered a beaded sash from an etsy store for $50 to go with mine. It is so pretty.
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    I would personally go with something beaded/sparkly to give it some definition.  Check out Etsy... lots of affordable options!
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    I look on Etsy daily!  Nothing is popping out at me other than sashes with flowers.  I don't like I like the total beaded sparkly belts.  I want some ribbon in there.
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