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UDreamy difficulties

Potential Brides-

The following is a series of e-mails between the "customer service" representative at UDreamy bridal and myself.  They go in reverse order, starting at the bottom.  As you can see, I still have not gotten satisfaction for their mistake in the fabric, size, and mistaken description of the dress on their site.  They have since changed the description on the website to reflect the heavy satin material, but when I ordered it, the website described the dress as an elastic, flowing, imitation silk. 

I wanted all of you to be aware of the potental difficulties you could face in attempting to do business with this company.



Ashley,I am done with these e-mails back and forth.  I have sent pictures showing that the dress did not match the measurements I ordered.  I will be sending copies of all e-mails to Paypal, Visa corporation, the Better Business Bureau,and posting them on , , and any other wedding sight I can find.  I have done more than enough to prove that I deserve a full refund.  So much proof that I received an incorrect product that your company felt the need to change the description of the dress I ordered on the website.  You have not satisfied my complaint.  I hope not refunding my money is worth the loss of business you will have due to the letters I will be writing to the companies you deal with.  Good luck, Elizabeth W.
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