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Hi ladies, a friend of mine recently got engaged and is thinking about having her wedding in Wolfeboro this summer. Does anyone know if the gazebo near dockside is open to the public for weddings? Or who we should contact to get information regarding it? I can't seem to find anything online. Any help is appreciated!

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    Hi there, congrats to your friend! I live in Wolfeboro and have seen a few weddings at Cate Park--where you are talking about. The Wolfeboro parks and recreation department handles the town parks. Just know that since it's a public park you cannot rope it off so you WILL have stray tourists in the background. Also there is quite a bit of boat traffic at the town docks so you'll also have to compete with that noise. Other than that it is a beautiful place to get married! Hope that helps!
  • We considered getting married there, as it was where we had our first date. I called Town Hall, and they said that it's not a problem as long as they have not already booked an event on that day. Especially during the summer, as they have bands, and art shows etc. Town Hall did say that we would need a permit, and we would have to go to a town meeting to get the permit approved, but it wasn't really a big deal. The permit shouldn't cost very much. It's a gorgeous spot!
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