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I want my bridesmaids (all two of them, lol) to have dresses in the same color palette, but not necessarily the same color.  I don't like the matchy matchy look. How hard is this, especially when your bridesmaids are spread out all over the country?  Any advice to getting the dress in the right color palette?
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    My maids are spread out as well, and I wanted them to be comfortable in their dresses so i picked a designer that sells dresses all over the country (in my case Alfred Angelo), gave them a color and a fabric and let them pick a style. You could do the same thing but give each of them a few colors to chose from but assign them a designer that is sold all over (there's also Davids bridal etc) Then they can go into a local retailer to pick and order but you have say in making sure they coordinate. Hope this helps!
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    I'm giving mine a choice they can vote on.  Dessy's twist wrap bridesmaid dress, which would let each style the top how they wanted, or pick their own from David's Bridal.
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    I'm asking my bridesmaids to wear a cocktail-length black dress of their choice.   This way they'll either be able to wear something they already own, or be able to pick out something that they will be sure to wear again.  

    I think it's fine to give them a color pallete (like "blue") to pick from.   I agree that a bunch of different girls in the same exact dress looks really matchy-matchy, and I'd much rather have my friends wear dresses that they are comfortable in and will wear again:-)
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    The different girls with the same style bridesmaid dress will be a little the matchy matchy look.
    Maybe, you can give a color palette(like the pink clolor). and they can choose their own taste dress with the same color palette.
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