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Modern Bride After Thanksgiving Sale...did anyone go?

Did anyone go to the Modern Bride After Thanksgiving Sale?  I got engaged in July and of course I wanted to order my dress right away because I was so excited, but my mom talked me into waiting for the after thanksgiving sale at Modern Bride.  So I went in August and picked out my dress, and the lady said it would only take about 4 months for it to come in, so I figured there wasn't any harm in waiting for the sale.  I'm so glad I did!  I was able to buy the sample gown at a 30% discount and my veil at a 30% discount!  We saved almost $400!!!!!!!!  I'm so happy with the way it worked out, because the sample dress fit me perfectly, and I was afraid if I ordered a new one, it might actually be a little too tight.  I guess in this instance, I was kind of glad other brides had tried it on before me and "stretched" it.  :)

Did anyone else have any luck with the sale?  I was thinking it would be perfect for people like me who already knew what they wanted and were just waiting for the sale.  It was pretty crowded, so I'm glad it wasn't my first time looking at dresses and feeling pressured to buy that day because of the sale.  Also, does anyone have any experience with the alterations pricing there?  The sales lady said it would only cost $50 to bustle the dress, but someone else said that sometimes you need multiple bustles, so I didn't know if the $50 was for one bustle or however many the dress needs.

Re: Modern Bride After Thanksgiving Sale...did anyone go?

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    Much like you, we visited the Modern Bride in August and September.  By September, we had picked out "THE" dress and were pretty much waiting for the Thanksgiving sale. 

    Knowing that it would be crowded, I called the shop on Monday and asked if I could just give them my credit card and order the dress on the phone.  They agreed and faxed me the order form, so I got the dress on sale without having to fight the crowd.  I did not buy a sample though--had to order a dress that will take 4 or so months to arrive, but saved 10%.  I was also thrilled at the price, (see my earlier post), because the dress was so much less expensive at Modern Bride, even without the sale, than another salon.  They said that the price of the dress included free press and bustle, but not sure how many bustles that will include.  The dress we ordered has a big train on it, so it will definitely need more than one bustle.  It will also need to be hemmed, but that will be a separate charge.  Did not buy a veil yet, still deciding whether to wear one or not---so even though I could have saved 30%, I will wait until the date gets closer to make the decision.
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    I also had gone in around August to look for dresses and was waiting for the sale to arrive.  I went on that Saurday and it was pretty busy, but I was able to get right into a dressing room.  I didn't get my free gift though :(  But it was pretty crazy... But I did get 10% off my dress (not a sample) and my veil for 30%... Best deal ever!!
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