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Another question...

Are pocket squares for the tuxes really necessary?  The guys are all wearing black tuxes.  They will have a small lily on their lapel.  When we went to the fittings today they sold us on black pocket squares at $4.99 a piece.  Is this really necessary?  Is it going to look like something is missing if I skip them?  I'm just wondering if I can save the $25 on pocket squares.

Also, another shoe question for the ladies in the WP- I only have 2 girls- with matching dresses-- should their shoes and jewelry match or will it look ok if they do different shoes and jewelry?

thanks again!!

Re: Another question...

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    IMO, you should do either pocket squares our boutonierres. Both look busy.

    I'd let the girls pick whatever shoes and jewelry they like. Shoes, in particular, are such a personal thing because everyone's feet are so different. The dresses will be enough to make the two of them look cohesive.
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    It's your wedding girl, you can do what you want!  I think no pocket squares would be fine and I highly doubt anyones going to notice at all.  You're going to have bouts anyways, I wouldn't worry about that at all and I definitely wouldn't pay extra for them.

    I love the idea of BM's wearing their own style of everything (all mine are wearing different dresses completely) I think it gives them their own style and it looks neat in pictures.  GL
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    I think it looks absolutely fine if the bridesmaids do not match head to toe.
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