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I will be wearing a long dress with a sweep train.  I have a bad back and am not very coordinated in heels (and I'm just plain klutzy regardless of my footwear :)), so I am contemplating buying white sneakers and just lacing them up with lace or something, to make them a little dressier.

What do people think?  Have any of you gotten married in sneakers or know someone who has?  I'm a bit nervous about dancing my first dance in sneakers, but I'm more nervous about falling on my way up to the altar!
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Re: Sneakers?

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    i think colored converse would be super cute! or you can wear comfy flats.
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    FI and I will both be wearing custom chucks in our wedding colors.  We usually wear chucks anyway, and I don't do so well in heels, so it seemed like the best choice.  I'd rather be comfortable and true to myself than glam.
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    I don't see a problem at all.  With a big wedding dress, no one's going to see your shoes anyway unless you want them to.
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    I think sneakers are fine if that's what you want, but they aren't your only option aside from heels. I wore some pretty flats, and liked them so much that I've worn them with other outfits since. There are tons of cute and comfy ones out there!
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    my cousin did the same thing to her sneakers for her wedding and she was soooo happy she did. If that is what makes you comfprtable on your big day then go for it!
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    wear whatever you like, although may I suggest some cute flats? there are ones by several of the comfort shoe brands that are just as comfy as sneakers and a bit prettier if they show during the night
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    I agree with the others -- totally go for the sneakers if that is your personality! I think the sneakers look works best on people who are sneakers people (like the PP who said she mostly wears Chucks anyway). If you're only doing it for comfort, I would go with a cute pair of flats. I'm going to go with the flats.
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    The bride from the movie "Father of the Bride" wore sneakers that were all done up with lace.  They were a little over the top, but fun!

    Wear what makes you comfortable.  Very few people will actually see your feet.
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