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to wear or not to wear a slip??

I have chosen an A line gown that has a skirt with medium fullness, and does have a layer or tulle underneath.  Do I need to wear a slip with this? The sales lady said I did so it does not go in between my legs, but I thought she might just be trying to make another sale.  My sister did not wear a slip with her dress and she was fine, but her dress was mermaid style.  Any thoughts??

Re: to wear or not to wear a slip??

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    That depends on how the tulle is under the dress.  In a lot of instances, you'll be fine, but I do have a crinoline that tends to wander and annoy the heck out of me.  Under that one, I wear a knee-length cheapo slip from JC Penney just to tame the tulle and to eliminate the itchiness that inevitably builds up throughout the night.  I'd wait, though, until your dress comes and and you can wear it around your house for a little while.  As you walk, you'll figure out if the tulle bunches, and if so, you can purchase something from the salon or go to Penney's and buy a $15 slip.


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    I'm of the opinion that most dresses do not need it, since they have all the tulle you really need. I've also never heard of anyone having problems with a dress going in between their legs.

    Did you try on the dress with a slip? Some ladies find they like the extra fullness, but if you don't want it or like the look, just skip it.
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    I wore an a-line gown and did not have a slip underneath. It was fine as it was.
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    I didn't wear anything extra under my dress which I am very thankful for. It helped me save money on not buying extra unecessary accesories and kept me cooler since we were outdoors in June. It was hot enough without extra fabric underneath. All I wore were boy shorts with my new last name on them and had cups sewn into my dress so I didn't need a bra.

    I vote no slip.. you'll be more comfortable and you'll save $$. HTH!
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    The only reason why I would wear a slip is if the tulle was itchy, otherwise I vote no.
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    I'm wearing a crinny because I think my dress looks better when the skirt is fuller. 
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    I wore an A-line gown with a lot of tulle underneath, I'm glad she talked me into the slip, yes it kept the itchy tulle from going between my legs, and kept me cooler in a weird way.
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    wow! I am a first time poster (I do not have much free time to plan) so I did not expect such a timely response from so many people!  Thanks everyone!
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