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Bridesmaid dress/necklace combo

I am trying to figure out a good necklace to go with my bridesmaid dresses....Here is a picture of a dress similar to my bridesmaid dresses (right color and fabric, just a different design):

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And this is the necklace I was thinking of pairing with it:

Do you think that those would go together, or would it be too much purple? I'm a little nervous too that the shades of purple wouldn't match, but I don't know how much that would matter even.

Re: Bridesmaid dress/necklace combo

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    I guess getting jewelry of exact color could be really difficult or tedious... why don't you but something in all silver or pearls... Also, you can use those peices for any occassions. 
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    Why don't you just let your bridesmaids wear whatever jewelry they feel comfortable in? 

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    I think they are pretty together. Not too much purple since it has the diamond ring around it.

    It should be mentioned that if you are going to require specific accessories, you need to buy them for the girls. It also should not count as part of their gift.
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    I think it would look pretty together. But I would encourage you to buy them a necklace that would be easier to pair with other things other than their bridesmaid dress in the future. I received a lovely necklace a previous time when I was a bridesmaid. The bride intended for us to wear it for the wedding. I was happy to not have to think about what to wear for my jewelry that day, but I've only worn that necklace once in the 4 years since the wedding. It matched the dress, but nothing else that I owned. 

    I purchased a necklace as part of my bridesmaids' gifts. It went well with their dresses, but it also could be easily paired with other nice outfits, or be dressed down with casual outfits. I've seen my bridesmaids wear the necklace multiple times since our wedding 4 months ago. 
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