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sashes for bridesmaids dresses!

my bridesmaids dresses are meredith by lulakate out of charleston. they are the color paradise which is a pretty green turquoise.  in pictures they look a little more blue than in person. but my debate right now is the sash.  do i do an off white or a very light pink!?! im doing all white flowers for myself, and their flowers are going to be a white and pink mixture. anybody have an opinion?

ive attached some pictures of the swatches together...the pink is called crystal, hopefully you can see the difference- my camera didnt do the best job of bringing out the color of the pink.

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Re: sashes for bridesmaids dresses!

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    With a blue of a bright hue, I would suggest picking a complementary color that has a bright hue as well.  If you're doing "off-white," that is a white of a darker hue... so I would suggest the light pink.  I think it would soften the contrast while still keeping the tone of the colors on the brighter side.  

    I can't really tell if there is a color difference in the photos.  Can you try taking a pic with ambient lighting and zero flash instead? 
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    I like the pink.

    Have you asked your bridesmaids what they prefer?
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