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too much black?

As of right now our bridesmaids are wearing black dresses and then our groomsmen are wearing black jeans(its a country wedding) and then white shirts. Then my fiance is wearing black jeans, a white shirt, a vest and then a black suit jacket? Does this seem more like a funeral or a wedding?

Re: too much black?

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    Are you using bright, colorful flowers? Will the girls be wearing any jewelry, colored or not?

    I haven't seen black jeans (but I'm in NJ so not much country!); plenty of people have black bridesmaids dresses, black tuxes, black vests with white shirts & they pull it off very nicely!!
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    What color is your grooms vest? If it's black yes I think it might be to much. You should try to make his vest another color I think.
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    Black is actually one of the most popular trends in weddings. It used to be that black was anathema at weddings, but things have changed. Bridesmaids in black are lovely- black is slimming, stylish, and low and behold can often actually be worn again after the wedding ;) You can add some color to your wedding party using flower bouquets, boutonnieres, and jewelry. A gorgeous black crystal necklace or earrings spiced up with a few splashes of color can be just the thing :)

    I have a page on my site that specifically speaks to black bridesmaid dresses- maybe that will help to ease your mind :) The address is

    Have a beautiful wedding!!

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