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Adding Color with Shoes & Headband?

Hello everyone -

This is my dress. I originally wanted to get a dress with color, but ended up liking this one best. I'd still like to work color into what I wear...I'm thinking of a dark sea green shoe (I'll be outside during the ceremony & reception so they'll have to be low/flat) that will hopefully match the color of one of the stones in my engagement ring.

What do people think about the idea of a headband with (matching) color in it too? I'm not sure that I'll have a veil, in case that would make a difference. If anyone has a picture of something like this that would be great too. TIA.

Re: Adding Color with Shoes & Headband?

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    I don't see anything wrong with it, especially if the color looks good with your hair/skin tone and you are working that color into other things (i.e. flowers, bridesmaids dresses)
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    I like the idea of shoes and colored jewelry, but I think a colored headband might look a little bit out of place.  If the headband is mostly white or metal with colored jewels, then I think that might look okay.
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    I did green shoes to match my e-ring, too (emerald).  I think a genstone pendant neckalsce could look lovely with you dress, too.
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