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veil help

The store I bought my dress at does not have any veils that I like.  What would be the best way going about finding a veil that would go good with my dress?

Re: veil help

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    Can you post a pic of your dress so we could help you better? There are several online sites that you can purchase veils from, as well as, I also know that David's Bridal stores sell veils.
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    I had a veil made from an etsy seller, I showed her a picture of my dress and asked her to make me a veil to match. Although this required a lot of trust in her, but I think she did a beautiful job. You could try the alchemy feature on etsy, where you post a request for a custom item at a certain price and sellers bid to make it for you.

    I don't know how many salons would be OK with you bringing a dress you didn't buy from them in their store to try on veils though.
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    Post a picture of the dress and tell us what you didn't like about the veils you tried and what you wish you could find (ie, I hated that everything was fluffy, I wish I could find something simple and flatter).
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