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Place to buy dress in NH?

Can anyone recommend a dress shop in Southern NH?  I'm from NH and am planning to go dress shopping with my mom and sister around Christmas, but the shops I found online look really small and didn't get great reviews on Yelp.  We're close to MA and I work in Boston so I could go to a bigger store there, but I'd love to save on sales tax...


Re: Place to buy dress in NH?

  • I purchased my dress from Marry and Tux in Nashua and had an amazing experience there!  I'd found the same dress at Madeleine's Daughter in Portsmouth (also a good experience, but wasn't ready to commit) and it was far less expensive at Marry and Tux.  My consultant was Lindsay and she was absolutely wonderful.  They were helpful but not at all pushy, let me browse veils without making a commitment once my dress did come in, and my mother and I even went back right before my wedding because she was looking for some good quality costume jewelry for the wedding as well.

    Long story short, they were great!

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  • 125 Bridal in Plaistow is a good place. I went there and had a good experience but ended up buying my dress at Davids Bridal in Nashua.
  • I went to marry and tux as well as madeleines daughter. While both places were nice I ended up buying my dress at Madeline's. I recently did go back to marry and tux to get my bridesmaid dresses and got them for a great price!
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  • Marry and Tux!! My dress was beyond what I imagined.  Stephanie was an amazing consultant! We also ended up getting our BM dresses there.  
  • Thanks for all the great feedback - I have plenty of time, so I think we'll check them all out!
  • marry and tux is great! went to a few places, and they had wonderful customer service and a great set-up. not to mention amazing dresses!
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    Davids Bridal in Nashua! I know, I had reservations about going there because it is SO commercial, but I had an AMAZING experience. I went in just to look and eded up buying one! The staff were wonderful and extremely helpful. 
  • I bought my dress at 125 bridal in plaistow, NH. I had a great expirence!  Briana was my consultant and she was great. She listened to everything I said I wanted. I ended up purchasing the first dress I tried on there.
  • I bought my dress at Uniquely Couture in Bedford NH. While it is a bit of a drive, it is well worth it. It is a newer place, really beautiful, the consultants are great, and they have a fairly good range of prices. However, most dresses will start at at least $1,500. But I highly recommened it!
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  • Modern Bride and Formal Shop in Bedford NH    Great place no appt's needed and they give you as much time as you want. 
  • I found mine at Modern Bride, and know a few other girls who have also.  You don't need an appointment and you can try as many dresses as you want until you find the one.  They do not rush you out and have a great selection!    You also get to put the dresses on yourself and they are there if you need help.  I tried on at David's Bridal and Marry and Tux also.  Marry and Tux gave me 1 hr to try on dresses and I felt really rushed, and they are in the dressing room with you.  I like a little privacy :)

    Good luck with the search!
  • Modern Bride in Bedford

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