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Am I Like, Totally Crazy?

I just found out that my fiance's sister-in-law and step sister are both wearing black dresses to the wedding. Neither one is in the wedding party so I obviously can't dictate what they are wearing, nor do I really care very much, but I was always raised that black is for funerals - it's huge faux pas in my book to wear black to a wedding.

Now, obviously there is a wider world out there than the one I know, so what do you all think? Is it okay to wear black to a wedding?

Re: Am I Like, Totally Crazy?

  • It's definitely fine!
  • My bridesmaids are wearing little black dresses for my wedding, so obviously I don't feel that black is only for funerals. Black dresses are typically very flattering and suitable for all occasions. If you were having a black tie affair, would it be inappropriate for your guests to wear black: no. Typically, IMO, black that you would wear for a funeral is very different from a black dress that you would wear for a wedding.
  • Black isn't a faux pas at weddings anymore--it's becoming more and more popular all the time for bridesmaids, MOBs, and guests. In fact, in places like Boston and NY, it might be about the only color you see at an evening wedding. Just about everyone looks great in a black dress!
  • I'm wearing a black dress to a wedding next weekend.  It's completely acceptable to wear black.  The only color I know of as a faux pas is white.
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  • I think it's fine to wear Black to a wedding.. In fact, I'm wearing a Black Bridal Gown at our Wedding.... :)
  • My bridesmaids were in black.
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  • I wore black to the last wedding I went to.
  • I voted for "It's  okay", but here's a (hopefully obvious) caveat:  If the bride or groom specifically asks you to stay away from it, stay away!  I say this because when I was a MOH, my bride didn't pick out a dress for me, but asked that I stay away from solid black and solid white.

  • people do it all the time, the color not to wear to a wedding is white but unless the bride is wearing black it's a go
  • People wear black at funerals but that doesn't mean it's ONLY for funerals. Black is appropriate for many different occasions including weddings.
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  • The only time I don't wear black is if it's a morning wedding. Otherwise, around here, black is the norm, and right for every occasion.
  • i think it's totally fine. it's usually the one color that looks great on everyone and everyone owns something they feel comfortable in - that happens to be black! no worries :)
  • My bridesmaids dresses are black, because when I dress up, that's my favorite type of dress to wear.  They can wear black again!  It's not a faux pas.

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  • Black is totally acceptable to wear as a guest to a wedding, it's classy. 
  • Depends on the time, date, place, and culture.
  • I live in Northern NJ about 10 miles from NYC - and thats pretty much the only color anyone wears! You get a little more variety in the summer :)
  • Black is fine, I don't think white is acceptable though since traditionally that is the bride's color.
  • Yup you're totally crazy.  Black is elegant and more then acceptable.  
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  • I know what you mean, I was always told that black, white and red were no-nos to wear to a wedding. That being said, I think that things have changed and black is elegant as PP have stated. You aren't crazy if they are only wearing black BECAUSE of the negative connotation. Like, maybe you guys don't get along so they are being little B's if ya know what I mean?! I hope that is not the case though.
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