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Gown Rental?

I'm considering renting my wedding gown as an alternative to purchasing a new gown. Does anyone have experience with this and was it positive or negative? Can anyone recommend a rental location in the Washington, DC metro area? Thanks!

Re: Gown Rental?

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    I don't have any experience, but you might want to ask about specific locations on the Washington DC board (links are in the top left).

    Also google and check out sources like for reviews.
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    I went to an ex's cousin's wedding years ago where the bride rented her gown. It looked like a rental because it didn't fit her perfectly, and the color didn't look very crisp, but this was in Vegas (cause they lived there - not a Vegas-style wedding) so it probably got more use than a DC dress would. If you find a dress that fits well without alterations, it might work out, but it's not in the shop's best interest to do too much work to the gown for you.
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