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Prescott Park in Portsmouth

Hi Ladies... FI and I are looking into Prescott Park for our ceremony. Do you know anyone who has had one? Thoughts? LIkes/dislikes?

Re: Prescott Park in Portsmouth

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    I have heard of weddings there, but remember its a "public" park and nothing is off limits.  It is beatiful there.
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    It is a beautiful park.  It is where my FI and i had our first date and where we got engaged.  It has some gardens as well as an area overlooking the harbor and a couple of docks that may have good picture opps.  I had my engagement photos shot there.  My only concern would be that it is public, and on Saturdays/Sundays there may be a quite a few people around.  
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    Thanks girls... the public doesn't bother me. It's going to be a fairly small wedding and most people have enough deceny/respect to realize its a wedding and not be disruptive
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    My mom did many years ago. All she needed was the permit and she was good to go. I was the flower girl and I dont remember the public being too much of an issue.
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    I Have had some brides have their ceremony at New Castle Commons, New Castle, NH
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