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Gown Sizing for Large Bust

I'm a size 12 or 14 for my waist and hips, and these seem to be about the largest sizes most bridal salons carry for trying on. My bust is another story though... I'm more like a size 20 (totally natural... there is no way I would voluntarily do that to myself!). 

I've heard that the gown size you'll end up having to buy is whatever size coincides with your largest measurement. I don't want to have to buy a size 20 gown though!! Most of the designers I like only offer sizing up through 12 or 14, so I'm really nervous.

Can they alter a size 12/14 dress that much, to make room for a bust like mine?

Re: Gown Sizing for Large Bust

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    Yikes, that is problematic. A good rule of thumb is that a gown can be taken in by about 2 sizes before it gets troublesome...but you've got a three size difference there at best. I would advise looking at dresses with fairly simple waistlines and minimal beading, which are easier to alter. Corset-backed gowns can also give you a little extra flexiibility in sizing

    And once you get some pictures of gowns you're thinking of, take them to a seamstress (before you order the gown!) and make sure she knows what she's getting into before you sink money into a gown that can't be properly altered.

    Alternatively, you might consider going custom, by either having your gown's designer cut a size that works better for you (this can get pricey) or having a seamstress make a gown to fit based on a design you like.
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    I'm in the same situation. I had to order size 18 to fit my large bust. My waist is about a 12/14 but my dress has a corset back so it fit almost perfectly. Might need just a little taken in through the waist and hips. I would suggest going with corset back.
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    I just went dress shopping and know some of the designers offer split sizing (one size for the top of the dress and another for the bottom).  I ended up choosing an Augusta Jones dress and was able to order a custom bust (they build it to your measurements).  Best of luck!  
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    I am in the EXACT same boat. When trying on gowns, the corset back did help. The sales people said not to worry about taking in the dress- even more than 2 sizes. We will see!
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