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Petite Bride/Short Dress?

As a petite girl, only about 5'2, and having short legs, I am wondering if it would look unflattering to wear a tea length dress. I'd like to have an outdoor wedding but do not want the bottom of a long gown to get dirty. Any opinions on how to solve this dilemma?

Re: Petite Bride/Short Dress?

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    I am about the same height as you and I think tea length dresses look odd on people our hieght.  I had an outdoor wedding (it was even raining up to 10 minutes before the start of the ceremony) and my dress didn't really get dirty.  If you do go with a floor length gown just pick up the skirt when you walk as much as you can.  Walking up and down the aisle don't make it dirty.
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    a A-Line Wedding Gown in tea-length would be very beautiful. It will make you really cute, i think.
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    me too and i think tea length shortens us even more... 
    knee length or long looks better.  
    getting the hem dirty is not such a big deal... you only wear it once anyway!

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    meganb1977meganb1977 member
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    5'0' here and went with a long gown although I think I still look a little short even with three inch heels LOL.  But it's worth the effort to try on different styles, long and knee length and tea length, and see how they all look on you AND what will be most practical before you decide what you like best.

    For a long dres that doesn't have a train your seamstress will probably hem it slightly above the ground by a fraction of an inch so the hem will not touch and the dress will not get dirty.  If you have a train, as jagore suggested, when you walk down the aisle it should be a nice clean aisle runner that you walk on so you will be fine.  You could leave your dress bustled until just before you walk down the aisle and then bustle it back immediately after you process out except maybe  to spread it out for a few pictures.  Especially just for grime, if you want to have your dress preserved afterwards, just take it in for a dry cleaning and they will work wonders to get it looking good as new.

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    I am about 5'1 and this is my dress:
    I think it looks beautiful as do my BMs and my mom.
    The only thing I would say is to wear heels if you go with a shorter style. I find it helps elongate the legs

    Def try on different styles tho to see what you like. I didnt think id like the shorter dresses as much until I tried this on.
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    AdeleDazeemAdeleDazeem member
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    Can I ask an honest question?  Why are you concerned about getting the bottom of the dress dirty?  It will be clean for the ceremony and pictures but after that, its cleanliness at the hem really isn't going to matter.  Also, you'll probably never wear the dress again.

    If you want to pass the dress down to someone (child, family member, etc), a good dry cleaner can get out the marks.

    My wedding gown is currently embedded with sand and black marks from walking around a major city.  I wore it twice - my wedding day (wedding outside on a deck/beach) and our AHR (outside at major city restaurant + walking around the city). 

    It's only dirty on the underside of my train and leaves a trail of sand behind me.  All of that is very fixable if I just take it somewhere to be cleaned!

    EDIT: You can see pictures of my dress from both my wedding and my AHR if you look in my married bio (link in siggy)
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    I'm also a short bride (about 5'2", but long legs).  Personally, I think tea length is very unflattering on everyone except really tall, thin girls.  Especially unflattering on short girls.  I would either go with a knee length/just above the knee or long, but personally I wouldn't worry about the hem getting dirty - it's going to get dirty whether you have an outdoor wedding or not.  If that is your only reason for not wanting a long gown, I'd reconsider.
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    I'm about 5'4 and wouldn't wear a tea length dress as I have very muscular calves and very short legs, so I think it looks super awkward on me. However, one of my BMs/BFFs is about 5'3 and has very skinny legs and her tea length wedding dress looked super cute on her! If you love it and like the way you look in it, go for it!

    I'd suggest trying them on just to see if you even like it on yourself or not. Unless you are having your wedding in a muddy area (or a dusty barn), I doubt it will get all that dirty. And like other girls have said, it doesn't really matter all that much once pictures are over. If it does get dirty, just find a good dry cleaner.
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    I'm 5'0 and I really liked the idea of a tea length, until I tried a couple on.  It made me look like an oompa loompa! 
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