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Stockings a Must?

I have never liked wearing stockings with dresses, EVER, and in this day and age I feel they're an unnecessary accessory that is bound to cut into a woman's waist and give her a muffin top anyway.  However, a wedding dress is on a whole other level of fashion than a LBD.  I'm getting married in October and will have a full length dress.  Is it necessary to wear stockings or can I get away with not wearing them?

Re: Stockings a Must?

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    Nobody is going to notice.  You can get away with not wearing them.

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    I have never heard of wearing hose with a wedding dress. NO WAY am I going to!

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    I hate stockings and I'm not going to wear them. No one will notice but you!
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    I am getting married in November and nooooo way will I be wearing stockings!!!! 
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    whoever invented stockings should be vilified in history. 
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    I will be wearing a garter belt with stockings attached. It's the whole sex appeal when he is lifting my dress to remove the garter and gets a peek at what is yet to come. Although I am sure we will both pass out from exhaustion on our wedding night I still love the suggestion of something naughty.
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    Definitely not planning on wearing stockings.  My mother thinks they're a must for some reason, especially if we do the garter toss.  i don't see why she cares about whether or not I'm wearing them - no one else will!

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    Thanks for all the comments!  Since we're not doing the garter belt thing, I'm totally going to pass on wearing stockings.

    jenn.daniel - my mom thinks they are a must like yours, and insisted on me wearing them when I was younger like for band concerts and prom, where I had a dress. I think mumsie feels it's some sort of etiquette thing to wear stockings.

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