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Plans for the week

Re: Plans for the week

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    edited December 2011
    WR: deposit for florist

    NWR: back to work, after having last week off (boo)
              more violin practice
              clean the apartment
              hopefully catch iron man 2
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    MrsScotty1011MrsScotty1011 member
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    WR: Hopefully tour the Govorner's Inn, I have a good feeling about it, so I can't wait to see it!

    NWR: Survive another week of my real estate class and study pretty intense! I am getting more and more nervous about this real estate test- eeekkkk!
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    FireDancer04FireDancer04 member
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    been engaged for a year today!
    Work on design of STD & Invites today
    Hopefully I'll get my car back from the shop this week!
    GTG on Satuday!!
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    edited December 2011
    Congrats Firedancer! I will have been engaged for a year on Saturday. Next year is getting closer.
    Decide on videographer
    Decide on transportation

    Get my sister better after her surgery last week
    My Bio
    imageWedding Countdown Ticker
    image 154 Invited
    image 47 Ready to Party
    image 7 Missing out
    image 100 Need to find the mailbox
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    ~First dress fitting today
    ~Mailbox stalking
    ~Registry stalking

    ~Dr. appt.
    Anniversary Buying A Home
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    -Stalk mailbox
    -Stalk registry (yay for my favorite two things on the registry being purchased...well, besides the wine fridge ;) )
    -write a check to the florist...

    -Survive the last 29 days of school. Heck yes.
    -Pay the bills
    -Friend's grad party and GTG

    **Congrats, FireDancer!!!
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    NWR: I have evaluation reports and IEPs to write for my preschoolers
      Plan our end of the year Picnic in the Park party :)
      Fi's family member's birthday party- can't wait to see everyone!

    WR:  Contact (and wait to hear back from) local churches in regard to times that they do weddings, handicapped accessibility, and available dates
     HOPEFULLY, choose one and a reception venue!
     (This one might be a long shot) Call the photog. we're interested in and set up a time to     meet, ask about dates, etc.  
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