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Bridesmaid Alterations after baby.

My best friend is getting married in April 2011 and the shop where she wants bridesmaids dresses says they need 6 to 8 weeks for alterations. The problem with that is if I go to get fitted on the timeline I will have had a baby only a couple weeks before the fitting. I know that I wont be the same size 3 weeks post baby as 3 months post baby but how do i deal with alterations

Re: Bridesmaid Alterations after baby.

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    First of all, congratulations!  I would ask the seamstress who will be working on your alterations, I'm sure they've worked with soon-to-be and new moms before and might have some recommendations.  A lot of dress styles for expecting or recently delivered moms aren't very fitted below the bustline, so it might be okay if it's a bit roomy. 

    Good luck!
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    talk to the bridal shop. My cousin is in the same boat for my april 2011 wedding as well. she will be 5 months post baby and got measured when she was 6 months prego. the bridal shop i am using will wait longer to do her alterations.
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    You could also use a seperate alterations person. I know they lady I use will fit you in a week before the day of the event b/c she works out of her home.
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    No biggie really. The dress that they order shoyuld be slightly larger than what you will need 3 months post baby. You'll go back and be fitted when it arrives and they can then alter it accordingly. Also find out what the last possible date is for them to alter it and plan to go in then. As long as you don't plan on gaining weight then everything shoiul be fine.
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